Early Spring Brings Out Pesky Insects

While spring doesn’t officially arrive until March 20th, if you’ve stepped outside lately, you know, signs of spring are in the air.

“I’ve hardly gotten out of a t-shirt all winter, I’ve had a coat on maybe three or four times,” says Lisa Cummings.

From blooming flowers to mosquitos, has spring arrived early?

“We do have an early spring it is estimated to be about two to three weeks early,” says Delaney Rockrohr, a naturalist at Lost River Cave.

Does that mean we are going to have deal with more of those pesky insects this year?

“If these insects are coming out, chances are they’re predators are, which means they will be eating them, just as fast as these insects can wake up,” said Rockrohr.

Rockrohr says, you and family will start seeing ticks next.

“They’ll be coming out a lot earlier than we normally see them,” says Rockrohr.

Cumming is already prepared for the ticks and fleas.

“I’ve already put flea medicine on my animals,” said Cummings.

And that means you might want to do the same.

  • By Jason Lindsey

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