How do you inflate a balloon? May 2nd – Balloon Blow Up – Experiment of the Week

How do you inflate a balloon? Our “Science Guy” Jason Lindsey and a kid scientist say not to waste your breath, they show us how to use a few ingredients from the kitchen, to inflate a balloon.

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Most likely you’re just like everyone else, if you are going to inflate a balloon, like this one, you use the air from your lungs. My science helper, Ethan and I, we’re not going to do that. We are going to use a special reaction. We are going to mix together two ingredients from the kitchen, that will give us something new, a gas that will fill up this giant balloon. The ingredients we are using from the kitchen, well Ethan, you tell me what’s inside of my big jug here? Vinegar! And inside of my balloon a whole bunch of baking soda. Hold the bottom of it there Ethan. We are going to mix these two ingredients together. Okay, go ahead and do just that. You’ll notice something is happening inside of my jug here, what do we call that Ethan when we mix two ingredients together and we get something brand new? A chemical reaction. And that chemical reaction is giving us a gas that is filling up our balloon. Pretty amazing! Right! Take a look at that.


Balloon Blow Up


  • Baking Soda
  • Vinegar
  • Balloon
  • Empty 2 Liter Bottle

STEP 1:  Fill the empty 2 liter bottle half of the way with the vinegar. Describe and classify the vinegar by its observable properties.

STEP 2:  Fill the balloon with baking soda. Describe and classify the baking soda by its observable properties.
STEP 3:  Carefully stretch the open end of the balloon around the neck of the 2 liter bottle.

STEP 4:  Dump the baking soda, inside the balloon, into the 2 liter bottle, and observe. Did mixing the two substances result in a new substance?


When the baking soda is mixed with the vinegar, a chemical reaction happens, which creates carbon dioxide gas. The carbon dioxide gas fills the balloon, causing the balloon to expand.

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