Media Monday – The Interview Mic

For the past few weeks, I have been sharing with you how you can shoot video with your existing camera (the smart phone). Today, I recommend you look at this low cost option for performing interviews. This means you need two microphones. But, you only have one audio input on your device. How can we get around this. Well, there are a couple options for this. You can get an adapter that allows you to plug in two devices. <br>Or.. you could get this handy double lavalier mic.

Simply clip one of these puppies on your lapel and clip the other on your guest. You may not be able to run these cables from behind the back, or hide them as well as you would like. However, you can use a trick or two to make them less visible. You have already improved your sound so much. The viewer will likely forgive a wire or two as a trade-off for the higher quality of interview. With postage, this set of lavalieres only cost us about $17.

Remember, we want to see the good results. Send us a link to view your project.

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