Media Monday – The Stable Camera

For teaching purposes, most of us will not be shooting Hill Street Blues style. In other words, we will likely be using a tripod. Selfie sticks are recommended if you are doing 30 seconds long updates. However, if you want to get real with some teaching in the Word on camera, connect to a tripod.

For our purposes, we are still carrying on with a theme of shooting with what camera you have. The camera we all have is a smartphone and/or a tablet. So what we need is a way to mount our device on a tripod. I mount my iphone and android on art of a cheap selfie stick. The top pertion is usually detachable and it usually has a threaded hole for mounting on a tripod. But for an iPad, I had to look at this.

Square Jellyfish Mini Tablet Tripod Mount (NEW UPDATED VERSION) (Mount Only)

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Square Jellyfish Mini Tablet Tripod Mount (NEW UPDATED VERSION) (Mount Only)
Let me recap. In the last two articles, we talked about improving on sound quality by bypassing the built in microphone with a lavaliere mic. Then I discussed a simple lighting system you can set up and forget, if you are shooting in a set location every time.  Now that you have a mount for your device, we will discuss the tripod. Next week, I will introduce you to a low-cost, yet dependable solution for stabilizing your shot.
Here is a button to get you to the tripod mount for your top notch camera.

Square Jellyfish Mini Tablet Tripod Mount
If you know someone interested in shooting video to spread the Gospel, share these informative and helpful posts. If you have any questions, feel free to ask below.


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